GARD Posters

The posters presented at the 13th GARD General Meeting in Beijing, China October 25-27, 2019 are listed by category and the order of the presentation

Category Author(s)  Title (view and download here)
  Yorgancioglu A, Gemicioglu B, Ekinci B, Özkan Altunay Z Turkey: Focus on Awareness
Cláudia Conceição, Paulo Camargos, Elizabete Nunes, Margarete Arrais, Mª Céu Teixeira, Luís Taborda Barata. Establishing collaborations: the GARD-Community of Portuguese speaking countries (CPLP) working group
Marilyn Urrutia Pereira GARD ASBAI Report
Sandra Nora Gonzalez-Diaz CRD Prevention in Mexico: a joint effort
T. Sooronbaev, A. Akylbekov, B. Emilov, M. Orme, R. Jones, S. Singh The feasibility and acceptability of a pulmonary rehabilitation program in patients with post-TB lung disease in Kyrgyzstan in framework of the Global RECHARGE Project
Elizabete Nunes Change the visibility of CRDs
Daniela Galeone, Fabrizio Anatra, Lorenzo Spizzichino Strategy for an integrated management of respiratory failure
Luís Taborda-Barata, José Rosado-Pinto, Elisabete Melo-Gomes, Cristina Bárbara Prevention and Control of Asthma and COPD in Portugal (2011-2018)
Tamaz Maglakelidze, Ivane Chkhaidze, Mariam Maglakelidze, Nino Maglakelidze Georgia
Yousser Mohammad, Bassam Aboueldahab,Gazal Dib, Rania Shifa,Khouzama Azhari,Mais Yassine, Loei Nahhas Syria
Mohammad Reza Masjedi Iran
Lan Le Thi Tuyet Vietnam
Marylin Valentin Rostan Latin America
Jose Miguel Chatkin The role of the Brazilian Thoracic Society combating environmental pollution
Mizutani RF, Stelmach R, Nery T, Terra-Filho M and Santos UP Air Pollution impacts on children’s and adolescents’ quality of life
You-Young Kim, Suk-II Chang, Jae-Won Oh The impact of Climate Change on pollination and prevention of Climate Change in Korea
Letitia O’Dwyer and Guy Coulson Air quality, engagement and CRDs in New Zealand
Kazi Saifuddin Bennoor, Sadia Sultana Reduce air pollution through sharing responsibility
A. Chuchalin, S. Batyn, A. Argunova, R. Yakovleva GARD initiative in Yakutia
Jorge A. Quel Asthma-COPD Overlap Syndrome Management
Sian Williams, Ioanna Tsiligianni, Jaime Correia De Sousa, Global IPCRG – adding value to primary care
Fabio Balli, Sze Man Tse, Maya Kirszenbaum, Laura Montalbano, Stefania La Gritta et al Mutual Care Taking: Collectively Creating Our Respiratory Wellbeing With Open Sciences