GARD Posters

The posters presented at the 11th GARD General Meeting in Brussels, Belgium November 2017 are listed in alphabetical order of the representing GARD country

Country/Group Author(s) Title (view and download here)
Bangladesh Kazi S Bennoor, Rahmatul Bari, Ashraful Alam Khan GARD activities 2016/17 in Bangladesh
Brazil Camargos P, Stelmach R,  Cruz A GARD activities 2016/17 in Brazil
Breathinggames Fabio Balli When populations care about their respiratory health: a scalable bottom-up model to foster self-care for all
Canada Teresa To Asthma in Canada:Population surveillance, community based practice & research
Cape Verde Teixeira, Maria do Céu GARD activities 2016/17 in Cape Verde
Czech Republic Vítězslav Kolek GARD activities 2016/17 in Czech Republic
Finland  A Nyberg Finnish Allergy Programme
France Jean Bousquet ARIA 2017: Care pathways implementing emerging technologies for predictive medicine in rhinitis and asthma across the life cycle
Georgia Tamaz Maglakelidze, Ivane Chkaidze, Mariam Maglakelidze, Nino Maglakelidze GARD activities 2016/17 in Georgia
Italy G. Laurendi, R. D’Elia, S. Mele, D. Galeone GARD Italy
Japan Hironori Sagara, Sohei Makino, Clyde Ito Surveillance of CRD in Mongolia, Cambodia and Laos
Mexico Sandra N. González-Díaz, Bárbara Elizondo-Villarreal, Alfredo Arias-Cruz, Alejandra Macías-Weinmann, Cindy Elizabeth de Lira-Quezada GARD activities 2016/17 in México
Mozambique Researchers and clinicians from different areas GARD activities 2016/17 in MOZAMBIQUE
Netherlands Niels Chavannes, Emiel Rolink, Huib Kerstjens, Michael Rutgers, Jacob Biewenga et al. GARD activities 2016/17 in The Netherlands
New Zealand Letitia O’Dwyer GARD activities 2016/17 in New Zealand
Portugal Cristina Bárbara, Elisabete Melo-Gomes, José Rosado-Pinto, Paula Simão, Francisco George GARD activities 2016/17 in PORTUGAL
Russia Chuchalin AG, Belevsky AS GARD activities 2016/17 in Russia
Syria Yousser Mohammad, Ahmed Dmeirieh, Rania Shifa & Bassam AbouDahab, Elizabeth Hoff and staff GARD activities 2016/17 in Syria
Turkey Yorgancioglu A, Gemicioglu B, Ekinci B, Ozkan Altunay Z et al. GARD activities 2016/17 in TURKEY
UK Marsh V, Brown J, Neal J, Koistinen-Harris J, Sobola I, Douglas K Enhancing understanding of asthma in children and young people through online learning
UK Fletcher M, Marsh V, Brown J, Sobola I, Smith J, Koistinen-Harris J, Neal J, Scullion J Using eLearning to promote correct inhaler use by respiratory patients: the UKIG Inhaler Standards website
Vietnam  Lan Le Thi Tuyet GARD activities 2016/17 in Vietnam 
Multiple  Zachary German Ozone from Traffic-related Air Pollution Leads to Serious Health Issues in Both Humans and Plants: A Systematic Review of Research in Brazil, Japan, the Netherlands, and Turkey