PowerPoint Presentations 

The following PowerPoint presentations are listed in the order of the sessions 

of the meeting program at the 11th GARD General Meeting 9-11 November 2017, Brussel, Belgium

Presenter(s) Title (view and download here)
Session II – Setting the scene
N Khaltaev Role of GARD
C Varghese/N Billo Progress: WHO action plan on NCDs
A Nyberg Implementation of CRD programmes in Finland
E Bateman Rolling out the PACK model
T Punturieri Role of a COPD country action plan
S La Grutta Advice for Smoking Cessation in Pediatric Care
 Session III – Panel Discussion GARD: A comprehensive approach to scale up implementation of CRD Programmes  
T To Surveillance
M Masjedi Prevention
E Bateman Management
J Bousquet Political Advocacy
G Marks Research
Session V – Update GARD demonstration projects
J Correia de Sousa Fresh Air
J Bousquet Allergic rhinitis and asthma
R Stelmach PACK Florianopolis: Adaptation and Implementation
M Masjedi Iran PEN
N Billo Transfer of GARD demonstration projects
 Session VI GARD-EUFOREA Joint meeting on air pollution and mHealth 
 1. Air pollution and chronic respiratory diseases:
A Senn The importance of mHealth in the European Union
B Nemery Outdoor air pollution and burden of chronic diseases 
G Viegi Outdoor air pollution and COPD 
G Joos Outdoor air pollution and asthma
A Cruz Indoor air pollution in developing countries and asthma
A Yorgancioglu Air pollution and CRDs in Turkey
T To Progression from asthma to COPD: Is air pollution a risk factor? 
 2. mHealth in chronic respiratory diseases: 
A Goldstein / N Billo The WHO approach: mBreathe freely
A Bedbrook  Allergy Diary 
P Hellings  mHealth in an integrated approach for chronic rhinosinusitis
 N Chavannes The transfer of mHealth to Europe and neighboring countries 
 3. mHealth as a tool to mitigate the effects of air pollution: 
 I Annesi-Maesano Alert system for air pollution using mHealth
 J Bousquet POLLAR: The EU approach to mitigate peaks of air pollution
 Session VIII – Review of GARD country activities 
A Yorgancioglu GARD country survey 2016/2017
Le Thi Tuyet Lan Implementation of PEN in Vietnam
T Sooronbaev   Implementation of PEN in Kyrgyzstan
C Gusmao dos Santos  Implementation of PEN in Timor-Leste
C Varghese  Implementation of PEN globally
Session IX – GARD Regions: a way to expand GARD outreach? 
G Viegi GARD in Europe
T Sooronbaev GARD in CIS countries
J Rosado Pinto GARD in Lusophone Countries
M Gomez GARD in Latin America
M Masjedi GARD in Middle East Region
D Behera GARD in South East Asia
A Ben Kheder GARD in Francophone Countries